The Sun Hill as a touristic center is known for mountain tourism. It possesses 11 ski-lift, length of 11000m, with capacity of 8000 skiers per hour and track lengths of about 20km. Ski slopes are suitable for all levels of skiing, from beginners to professionals.

In addition to skiing, the Hotel Scardus also offers Cat skiing, where skiers reachwith the Snow cat in the most beautiful parts of Sharr Mountain. The Snow cat capacity is 15-20 people and is also used for recreational walks to enjoy the impressive winter panorama of Sharr Mountain.

Sharr mountaint peaks:


*Jellak 1700m high altitude-walking 40 min

*Leshnica 2160m altitude -walking 4 hours

*Titos Peak 2749m altitude-walking 7 hours

*Black Lake 2150m altitude-walking 6-7 hours

*Lake of Bogovina 1900m altitude-walking 5 hours

*White Lake 2550m altitude -walking 6 hours.


September  marks also the beginning of the hunting season of birds and wild goats.

The Sun Hill offers a variety of activities throughout the year and is a paradise for nature lovers and mountain sports.


Kodra e Diellit (Popova Sapka)
Maqedonia e Veriut

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